You can sign up through our website: https://supplium.co. You must create an account through our website and choose one of the three subscription packages that suit your business needs. After choosing the package and registering your preferred method of payment, your account should be activated through a confirmation email and you would be ready to explore and use Supplium.

Supplium software is full of various features that enhance the purchasing and ordering process. For example, Supplium automates the ordering process and tracks your expenses. There is no room for miscommunication with Supplium, your suppliers receive your purchase orders accurately using our system. Supplium also offers flexibility to place orders anytime from anywhere. Supplium prevents duplication and over-invoicing of bills. You can read more about the advantages on Benefits page.

Yes, Supplium provides detailed analytics of all your processed and pending purchase orders, which can be viewed easily from the dashboard.

Absolutely, you will have full control to which suppliers you want to work with; you can add, remove or edit your suppliers very easily using our system. All that is needed is the new supplier details (mobile number and email) to link to your restaurant. Thereafter, you can start ordering from your new supplier from the word go!

That’s simple. You can add any product you want by going to the supplier’s page and filling out the product details and simply adding it to your list of products. You can also add a .csv file that matches the format of the product list. Also, you can simply search for the product you want to add to our suppliers' database and add it with a click of a button.

Sure. You can assign as many users as you like and give them permission to place orders.

In the case that your orders are not delivered to you on time, our system automatically notifies you and sends a reminder to the supplier to ensure that all deliveries are accurately fulfilled. Our smart algorithms will also measure suppliers' performances (order accuracy, delivery time, customer satisfaction, etc.) and recommend to you the top ones.

No. Supplium is a procurement management software that streamlines communication between restaurants and their suppliers. All payments must be done directly to the supplier.

Supplium guarantees the confidentiality of all your data and ensures that no one can have access to them.

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