Supplium is cloud-based software that automates and organizes restaurants’ supply-chain management from one easy-to-use platform. It produces up-to-date, accurate statistics and graphs that help to make business decisions more efficient

The new way to success


Our goal is to streamline the supply chain management for restaurants by providing a software that automates the entire buying journey using artificial intelligence technology.

Customer satisfaction  


A loyal customer is the one that had a satisfying experience. Supplium defines satisfaction as:

Do it right the first time, every time.

Exists in a real-time operating environment.

Always ready to offer a free consultation for the increasingly complex buyer journey.


Our values are the foundation of our culture and the force that drive our actions:

  • We thrive on the challenge to excel in all environments. Our dedication to customer service and satisfaction is our greatest strength
  • We are consistent and transparent with all our clients. We believe that our reputation for integrity and fair dealing is extremely important in winning and keeping customer trust. 
  • Our determination to produce superior technology is the basis for our competitive advantage.